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Google search interest for Stellar over time where 100 was the peak popularity for the term.


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$19M$18M$18M$18M$18M$18M$19M$17M$17M$17M$17M$17M$17M$17M$17M1. May2. May3. May4. May5. May6. May7. May8. May9. May10. May11. May12. May13. May14. May15. May16. May17. May18. May19. May20. May21. May22. May23. May24. May25. May26. May27. May28. May29. May30. May
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A high number of commits indicates high activity. However, 5 commits does not necessarily mean that it is better than 1 commit.
Total supply 50,001,787,337 XLM
Circulating supply 26,803,746,599 XLM
Market cap $2,401,596,673
24 trading volume $40,041,081
Exchange 24h volume
Binance $4,311,788
Coinbase Exchange $3,567,011
XT.COM $3,372,428
BitMart $1,445,823
Upbit $1,430,125
KuCoin $1,266,067
ProBit Global $766,348
Bybit $759,545
Cryptology $477,903
Toobit $464,870
Twitter followers 749,359
Github stars 3,044


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