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Google search interest for xrp over time where 100 was the peak popularity for the term.


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3 days ago1085 “Crypto and blockchain technology is proven. Our customers talk to us about the benefits day in and day out.”

Sp… / @Ripple


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A high number of commits indicates high activity. However, 5 commits does not necessarily mean that it is better than 1 commit.
Total supply 99,989,113,908 XRP
Circulating supply 50,950,912,949 XRP
Market cap $22,941,752,930
24 trading volume $2,225,409,841
Exchange 24h volume
Binance $428,607,194
Upbit $326,471,989
Bithumb $92,975,495
OKX $57,204,410
Bitforex $43,344,831
KuCoin $41,386,676
Dcoin $39,603,367
Bitrue $36,726,583
LBank $34,316,993
Bybit $34,316,570
Twitter followers 2,624,273
Github stars 4,283


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