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Google search interest for xrp over time where 100 was the peak popularity for the term.


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1 hour ago561 If you are passionate about #Web3, we want YOU to consider joining our team.

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2 days ago1049 Since launching our matching program in 2018, Ripplers are on track to reach 1M in donations. Learn how we make gi… / @Ripple
3 days ago63 XRP 25% today

XRP army (the 9 of em that are still alive) has to be euphoric right now / @VentureCoinist
3 days ago98 Are you BEARISH after the worst FOMC meeting yet!?? We also have a mega XRP & ADA update on why it's pumping what… / @cryptomanran


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A high number of commits indicates high activity. However, 5 commits does not necessarily mean that it is better than 1 commit.
Total supply 99,989,294,935 XRP
Circulating supply 49,848,747,475 XRP
Market cap $24,659,902,344
24 trading volume $3,079,743,341
Exchange 24h volume
Binance $570,494,828
Upbit $526,101,886
Bitrue $139,316,969
Bybit $138,341,540
FTX $107,764,425
KuCoin $97,067,833
XT.COM $90,734,611
OKX $87,529,431
MEXC Global $85,409,910
Bithumb $83,199,843
Twitter followers 2,549,231
Reddit subscribers 352,542
Github stars 4,227


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