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Google search interest for Hive over time where 100 was the peak popularity for the term.


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12 days ago96 It's #BitcoinPizzaDay, and Uquid x HIVE are cookin' up something special!

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13 days ago52 HBD statistics in one dashboard by @Dalz19631657 / @hiveblocks


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A high number of commits indicates high activity. However, 5 commits does not necessarily mean that it is better than 1 commit.
Circulating supply 371,261,453 HIVE
Market cap $131,607,866
24 trading volume $918,590
Exchange 24h volume
Upbit $437,670
Binance $199,143
ProBit Global $143,820
Bithumb $70,010
BKEX $50,787
MEXC Global $48,653
CoinEx $8,162 $7,657
Indodax $2,046
Huobi $531
Twitter followers 36,970
Github stars 315


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Hive Blockchain Technologies is a public company that operates a decentralized, open-source blockchain platform called Hive. Hive is based on the Steem blockchain, which was originally developed as a social media platform that rewards users for creating and curating content. Hive is designed to be fast, secure, and scalable, and it supports a wide range of decentralized applications, including social media, games, and marketplaces. Hive is powered by a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm and uses a native cryptocurrency called Hive (HIVE) to facilitate transactions and reward users for their contributions to the network. Hive was created in 2020 as a hard fork of the Steem blockchain, and it has since gained a significant following and adoption among developers and users.


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