How to get free Crypto

Satoshis 20 minutes
Withdraw free Satoshis every 20 minutes using the "Free Boxes" feature. Additionally, you can collect BFG tokens for playing games on the platform. You will receive a daily interest for the BFG tokens
$1-$100 once
Sign up and transfer $50 once in any supported crypto currency and receive a prize worth $1 up to $100. After receiving the prize you can transfer the crypto and money back.
0.25-100 LBC daily
Sign up and receive daily rewards just for watching your favorite videos on the platform. Besides the daily rewards, you get thousands of LBCs for other tasks.
G$ daily
GoodDollar is a digital coin and wallet that allows you to receive FREE digital basic income with real monetary value straight to your phone!.
π daily
Mine crypto on your phone without draining the battery.
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