DODO Arena

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Melee Attack
Range Attack
Chance in % to deal double damage

The extra damage chance is based on the dodo rarity: Common = 0%, Rare = 4%, Epic = 8%, Legendary = 14%, Mythic = 20%, Place = 2%


Increase damage of all allies by 1
Deals damage to all enemies
Increase health of all allies by 2
Increase armor of all allies by 1
Heals itself every round 1 health
Shuffle order of enemy lineup
Attack weakest enemy
Attack last enemy
25% chance to evade attack
Burn enemy and deal 1 damage each turn


Next tournament

To be defined

Previous tournaments


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Power score

Common: 1, Rare: 10, Epic: 25, Legendary: 100, Mythic: 500, Place: 8

1. pscqw.wam 4288
2. oyhb2.wam 4189
3. pmwca.wam 3558
4. ukwaw.wam 3196
5. blockchainaf 2741
6. fomqw.wam 2371
7. b5fb2.wam 2143
8. iwzb.wam 2123
9. .woqw.wam 2102
10. b32ba.wam 2077
11. 1xumukxumuk1 1846
12. jqdb2.wam 1831
13. ahwqw.wam 1702
14. z4zr4.wam 1675
15. 3ofuk.wam 1672
16. proxymonster 1651
17. 3ktrg.wam 1646
18. zxway.wam 1604
19. gwgb2.wam 1595
20. pjyay.wam 1572

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The winners receive valuable NFTs from other collections. Some of them are paid for by the Dodo Farming Project, others are sponsored. Please contact me via Discord if you would like to sponsor a tournament.


At least once a week. Stay tuned to Discord or check this site frequently for a new tournament countdown.

Luck vs. skill

Currently, there are 4 luck factors: the chance of critical hits, the order of matches, the shuffle skill and the decision who does the first hit which is effected by the power score.

Power score

The player with the higher power score, determined by the Dodos you own, has a 75% chance to do the first hit. In return, the first Dodo of the other team gets a bonus of 1 health point.


The number of participants is based on the power of 2, e.g. 16, 32, 64, 128 and so on. To qualify, the user must win a random match against another user. Each user might have multiple chances to qualify.

Are dodo skills and stats permanent

No. Damage, health, critical hit chanced and skills will get rebalanced if necessary.