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$24.958$25.05$24.969$25.094$24.872$24.908$24.815$24.903$24.888$24.983$24.953$25.056$24.86$1695495723000$1695499314000$1695502914000$1695506513000$1695510066000$1695513733000$1695517274000$1695520876000$1695524508000$1695528111000$1695531648000$1695535302000$1695538914000$1695542503000$1695546101000$1695549675000$1695553307000$1695556877000$1695560518000$1695564067000$1695567668000$1695571336000$1695574873000just now
Google search interest for Elrond over time where 100 was the peak popularity for the term.


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9 months ago342 Last week in EGLD

MultiversX Website: Transformation Roadmap & Blog
2M MultiversX mainnet accounts
Mu… / @elrondnetwork
9 months ago757 The holiday season is a time for joy, love and celebration with the loved ones.

May you have a wonderful time wit… / @elrondnetwork
9 months ago345 Who’s ready to capture some pawns? ️

#MultiversX Christmas Arena, hosted by @agadmator, begins in less than 4 hou… / @elrondnetwork
9 months ago112 Who’s ready to capture some pawns?

#MultiversX Arena, co-hosted by @agadmator, begins in 4 hours.

Prizes in EGLD… / @elrondnetwork
$121M$128M$122M$124M$122M$123M$114M$130M$123M$130M$121M26. Aug27. Aug28. Aug29. Aug30. Aug31. Aug1. Sep2. Sep3. Sep4. Sep5. Sep6. Sep7. Sep8. Sep9. Sep10. Sep11. Sep12. Sep13. Sep14. Sep15. Sep16. Sep17. Sep18. Sep19. Sep20. Sep21. Sep22. Sep23. Sep24. Sep
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A high number of commits indicates high activity. However, 5 commits does not necessarily mean that it is better than 1 commit.
Total supply 26,005,620 EGLD
Circulating supply 26,000,468 EGLD
Market cap $646,569,627
24 trading volume $6,486,491
Exchange 24h volume
Binance $1,490,634
BYDFi $836,089
Bibox $577,322
BTSE $568,075
Upbit $489,724
Trubit $266,373
Bitget $265,570
HitBTC $257,587 $256,638
Biconomy $239,363
Twitter followers 579,593
Reddit subscribers 16,810


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