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$33.623$33.585$33.931$33.814$33.981$33.653$33.692$33.051$33.223$32.303$32.448$32.327$32.556$1664071235000$1664074856000$1664078512000$1664082031000$1664085630000$1664089235000$1664092918000$1664096525000$1664100137000$1664103758000$1664107214000$1664110882000$1664114580000$1664118105000$1664121710000$1664125279000$1664128904000$1664132612000$1664136175000$1664139622000$1664143225000$1664147001000$1664150472000just now
Google search interest for solana over time where 100 was the peak popularity for the term.


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3 days ago323 Who else wishes they were here?

Get your tickets for #SolanaBreakpoint: / @solana
3 days ago897 It’s official! The HIP 70 vote has ended. #Helium will be moving to the @Solana blockchain! / @solana
4 days ago323 I'm excited to announce that we've received a grant from @SolanaFndn to build interactive Web3 courses around their… / @solana
5 days ago732 1/ Today, the @SolanaFndn released the most recent Solana Energy Use Report as part of its commitment to making S… / @solana
$2.16B$2.19B$2.08B$2.15B$2.09B$2.19B$2.12B$2.20B$2.13B$2.20B$2.13B$2.14B$2.10B$2.22B$2.04B$2.07B$2.00B$2.06B$1.97B$2.01B$1.94B$2.04B$2.01B27. Aug28. Aug29. Aug30. Aug31. Aug1. Sep2. Sep3. Sep4. Sep5. Sep6. Sep7. Sep8. Sep9. Sep10. Sep11. Sep12. Sep13. Sep14. Sep15. Sep16. Sep17. Sep18. Sep19. Sep20. Sep21. Sep22. Sep23. Sep24. Sep25. Sep
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A high number of commits indicates high activity. However, 5 commits does not necessarily mean that it is better than 1 commit.
Total supply 508,180,963 SOL
Circulating supply 354,650,938 SOL
Market cap $11,478,093,243
24 trading volume $596,256,803
Exchange 24h volume
Binance $106,516,031
AAX $103,114,063
XT.COM $54,949,186
FTX $40,427,913
FTX TR $39,168,108
Coinbase Exchange $38,220,997
MEXC Global $20,133,827
FTX.US $19,720,648
BKEX $16,566,349
Phemex $13,703,170
Twitter followers 2,044,959
Reddit subscribers 153,228
Github stars 9,441


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