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$14.021$13.941$14.081$14.066$14.082$13.784$13.967$13.714$14.098$14.039$14.184$14.166$1670220110000$1670223684000$1670227365000$1670230836000$1670234412000$1670238053000$1670241709000$1670245324000$1670248833000$1670252462000$1670256036000$1670259674000$1670263250000$1670266962000$1670270520000$1670274063000$1670277706000$1670281313000$1670284862000$1670288466000$1670292149000$1670295625000$1670299269000just now
Google search interest for solana over time where 100 was the peak popularity for the term.


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2 days ago68⇧SOLANA IS NOT DEAD


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8 hours ago352 Happy DEVcember 5th

If you have a question about building on Solana, today's DEVcember gift is perfect for you.… / @solana
1 day ago712 Happy DEVcember 4th! It's the perfect day to start watching Solana Bytes, so you can build right away.… / @solana
2 days ago523 It's the 3rd of DEVcember, which means it's time for a new resource for developers Today, it's a course from… / @solana
3 days ago629 Decentralized derivatives exchanges are preparing for a new market paradigm after the collapse of FTX.… / @solana
$1.57B$703M$750M$542M$571M$504M$503M$490M$522M$520M$519M$508M$538M$528M$531M7. Nov8. Nov9. Nov10. Nov11. Nov12. Nov13. Nov14. Nov15. Nov16. Nov17. Nov18. Nov19. Nov20. Nov21. Nov22. Nov23. Nov24. Nov25. Nov26. Nov27. Nov28. Nov29. Nov30. Nov1. Dec2. Dec3. Dec4. Dec5. Dec6. Dec
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A high number of commits indicates high activity. However, 5 commits does not necessarily mean that it is better than 1 commit.
Total supply 535,383,331 SOL
Circulating supply 363,963,337 SOL
Market cap $5,185,055,236
24 trading volume $380,646,198
Exchange 24h volume
Binance $85,786,555
Upbit $28,555,521
Coinbase Exchange $28,218,518
LBank $17,778,847
OKX $12,724,553
Bitforex $12,720,840
Kraken $8,269,091
MEXC Global $7,211,538
DigiFinex $7,174,861
Tidex $7,140,533
Twitter followers 2,159,723
Reddit subscribers 156,994
Github stars 9,730


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